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Purple goodiebag layout

Instead of presenting some of these elements seperately in the mini section, I decided to build a layout and incorporate them to create one comprehensive demo. The main dish is of course the tabbed pure-css horizontal drop-down menu with horizontal subitems (well ok, IE needed a tiny JS kick to understand the principle) but you can also find here in action equal-height columns and lists, using negative margins to place the body element before the side columns and another way of styling a definition-list menu. Just insert the graphics and you're ready to go!

This layout is xhtml 1.0 strict and css valid and optimised for IE and browsers with the Gecko and KHTML rendering engines. Opera seemes to have an issue with the hovers in the left-column menus.

You may use it freely for any purpose without seeking my permission.
A link back to xro resources would be greatly appreciated.

layout004 demo

see live demodownload .html & .css

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